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Let's Plan!

I will be with you every step of the way; from the first decisions you make to the final farewell!


Budget and time management are my specialities!


FaceTime, phone calls, email or text, I’m here to help you make snap decisions as they arise with an uplifting insight to keep stress to a minimum and creativity at a max! 


All of your information will be digital and accessible from anywhere so you don’t have to carry around a big binder and keep all the facts in your head, leave that to me!

Ready to start this adventure together? Head over to my contact page!


Becky & Tony

We used Abby to capture our wedding and it is a decision that we would proudly make time and time again! From the moment we met Abby we knew that she was the perfect fit to work with on our big day. During wedding planning and photographer searching we fell in love with Abby's friendly approach, appreciation for photography and most importantly an eye for capturing emotion! Abby also LOVES what she does and it shows! Abby is able to make you feel comfortable and make the whole day feel so natural! Not only did she ask me what poses/photos I wanted and ideas I had but she was able to find the perfect locations within our day to take the most incredible and unique photos. Abby is not just another photographer! You will feel like she is part of your family and such an integral part of your big day! Her hard work and dedication knows NO limits and she will do whatever she has to do to make sure your day is perfect! (Can we just talk about when my wedding dress strap broke before our reception and Abby instantly pulled out a sewing kit and fixed it for me within seconds?! Truly a moment I will never forget!) We received our final photos so quickly after the wedding. We truly appreciate Abby's quick turnaround time! (It's SO hard to wait to see wedding photos, and she gets that!) IN LOVE doesn't even begin to express how we felt about every single image she sent us! The photos perfectly depicted all the big moments and candid moments beautifullly. Absolutely breathtaking! Finding Abby was a lifesaver, and there is no one else I would rather have had as our photographer! Abby has become like family to us and we can't wait to continue to work with her in the future for all of our special moments!

~Becky Jones~

September 3, 2016

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